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Where There's Smoke..
..There's Fire!
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16th-Feb-2008 03:54 am - To The World I Left Behind...
Don't Start Phoenix
Damn.. Its been how long?

I didn't even rant about the past conventions I've been to lately.. Geez.

Main reason I suppose is because I highly doubt anyone reads this anymore. ..Even though I know it'd be good for me if I journaled more. But I guess I get some of that out of my system with my random posts on DeviantART. If you people want activity out of me, at least look there.. Its better evidence that I'm alive.

New things with me:
Finishing up at this college.. This fall I'll be heading off to another college to continue my major in video game programming and design. Indeed, I plan to be one of the people who ruin the lives of future generations to come.
Cosplay cosplay.. Made a cosplay for Azuma Kazuma from Yakitate Japan, but never had a chance to wear it. Why? Because I was too distracted cosplaying as Miles Edgeworth. Muahaha. Yes. Gosh, its such win cosplaying as him. I had such a blast.. Now my cell phone is riddled with Phoenix Wright cosplayer phone numbers. Feels good to have some new friends to talk with.
Games.. Still addicted to the Phoenix Wright series. Just picked up Professor Layton, so I'll see how that is. Love Elite Beat Agents too! I am such a dork for these quirky games..
Roleplay? Yea.. I still roleplay. Not as much as I used to, though. Nowadays its mostly as Larry Butz, a little Edgeworth.. But mostly as Larry. Ironic that I'm the moron, eh? Fitting I guess..

..Anyway. Like I said, hop over to my DeviantART if you want to really see what I've been up to.

I miss you folks, so message me sometime! I'm almost always online, even when I shouldn't be. 8D

- Wreaking of Smoke
1st-Jun-2007 11:55 pm - OMFG HAXXORS
Noodles Edgey
A good friend has lent me the .hack video game series, minus the GU game(s). I've started infection now, and its quite an interesting game. It still boggles my mind that I'm playing a game that simulates an MMORPG.

And I about died of a love-attack when I saw Balmung make his appearance. Gosh dangit I've always loved that guy. He's just.. So awesome. I mean come on. He's a freaking GM.

Yea.. I've read the .hack manga before this, loved it a ton.. So I kept assuming I knew all the characters for the games. Wrong. The games are the background story that the manga keeps referring to. I guess it makes sense. But still. Balmung for the win!

BTW, totally lighting the fire under my fandom for FMA. I need to get back into that. I'm up to date with the manga again (chapter 71), so that's a start. And I've gone back to doodling Roy's eye.. >> Shuttup. I like drawing eyes. I need to get back into this fandom..

The virus is spreadin',
Like a wildfire!
~Wreaking Of Smoke
22nd-May-2007 02:30 pm - SUMMAH!
Mon Ami Kyouya Tamaki snuggle
*dance* Its summer. Whew. Been vacation for me for maybe two weeks now, just a little less.

Here's what I'm up to:
  • Updating ColonelMustang
    • Pictures I'm currently working on to have posted:
      • A coloring job request on a couple of FMA pictures
      • A Lupin the Third picture (Hopefully to become a series of pictures)
      • An Ouran High School Host Club chibi picture of Tamaki and Kyouya
  • A roleplay that I cannot mention the name lest people actually try to join it..
    • Alistair the 'anti-cleric', a cleric by hire who is quite stuck up
    • Just posted the biography for Pannish Efrem, a lycanthrope that means well. (Reminds me alot of Havoc..)
  • An Ouran High School Host Club roleplay: White Lillies
    • Kyouya Outori
    • Kaoru Hitachiin
  • Designing a character to be used in Pokemon Diamond when I actually buy it ...SHUTTUP! D;
  • Waiting to purchase a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (So that my Luwiigi and DS can go online~)
  • MMORPGs I'm playing:
    • Closed Beta for Lunia: Record of Lunia War
      • Level 6 Mage: Illuga
      • Level 4 Swordsman: Keogh
      • Level 11 Cleric: Takius
      • Genre: Action RPG
    • Open Beta for Tales of Pirates
      • Level 32 Crusader (dual wield swords): Alistair
      • Level 25 Hunter (bow & arrow): KaoruHitachiin
      • Genre: RPG
  • Other games I'm playing:
    • Twilight Princess
    • SHOULD be playing Phoenix Wright: Justice For All (but I don't want to finish it.. I'm on the last case.)
  • Anime I'm watching:
    • Ragnarok: The Animation
    • Yakitate Japan!
  • Anime I recommend:
    • Ouran High School Host Club
    • Mushi-shi
      • Manga came out here this past January, and the anime will be coming out on DVD sometime this summer
    • Ragnarok: The Animation
    • Yakitate Japan!
    • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Haibane Renmei
    • Lupin the Third
    • Bleach
  • Manga I'm reading:
    • Train_Man
    • Absolute Boyfriend
    • Mushi-shi
    • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Aoi House
  • Manga I recommend:
    • The above listed
    • .hack//Legend of the Twilight
    • Van Von Hunter
    • Bleach

Random News:
  • Done with classes, got all A's. Game design for Light of a Nation that I made as a final project for Game Design class will be used next semester as an example.
  • My ex-math teacher apparently hates me.
  • I bought sushi last week
    • ...The last sushi of salmon went bad today and I tried to eat it. Oops.
    • Flavors in the pack:
      • Salmon (so sweet, its like candy!)
      • Eel (very little flavor)
  • Highly tempted to buy Pokemon Diamond, curse all you damn people tempting me with it. D;
  • Gonna go see Pirates of the Caribbean when it comes out at Midnight on the 25th!
  • Allergies are HELL. (Sometimes even after medication! >>!)
  • Finally I've grown a huge hatred towards Mary Sues. HUGE. D<
Yaaay for summer and for typing too much. Call me or comment me if you guys wanna do anything~

Burnin' like a bonfire
Hoshit the smoke is in my eyes
~Wreaking of Smoke
14th-Apr-2007 05:32 pm - ..It looks like rain.
Fade Away
Today, Roy died.

Havoc, I finally feel your pain about Sonic and Quincy.

A fire that was quenched far too soon,
Wreaking Of Smoke
28th-Mar-2007 07:38 pm - What's New?
Noodles Edgey

Quickie things that are new with  me:
- Own Phoenix Wright: Justice For All (I'm on the third case right now.. I've been putting off finishing the game)
- Been constantly updating my DeviantART account, ColonelMustang. There's a link in my profile.. You should check it out.
- Having an awesome fun time in college.. Been doing some fun stuff in my Flash class and 3D modeling. (One of my 3D modeling projects is on my DevART)
- In a new roleplay, but I can't advertise for it I'm afraid.. Its supposed to stay small. But, I'll tell you about the characters I created for it. I know! A roleplay with self created characters! Its a brand new idea, I swear.
-- Alistair Reghello (Gosh dangit, I can't even remember how to spell his last name. I hope that's right..) His last name means "Ruler", which emphasizes his ego.. But he's a cleric, more specifically an anti-cleric since he is quite talented in buffing, but does not have the mindset of a cleric. A coward, greedy, and finicky, overall Alistair just isn't your ideal cleric if you're going into battle.. Despite his immense talent.
-- Efrem (Don't have a last name for him yet, he's still a work in progress.) Efrem is a lycanthrope, loyal and true to his pack or troupe that he is traveling with.. But has a definite sense of order in a group. To him, there's always a heirarchy, although, he won't treat those below him badly.. He'll just tease them a bit. His downfall is that he has a hot temper, which figures with a lycanthrope. I've got the design for his outfit, but I need to actually draw him.. And give him a last name.
- Put up a Meebo chat window on my profile page, so if you guys want to chat live with me, well.. There it is for ya.
- Still roleplaying for Phoenix Wright.. Now I've moved from roleplaying as Larry Butz to Phoenix Wright himself. Still not as Edgeworth. Oh well, I can't take all of the bastards.
- GOT A WII. ..Its name is Luwiigi. I loves it. Not connected to the internet yet, but when it is, I'd love some friend codes~
-- I got Wario Ware: Smooth Moves and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess so far for it.
- I swear I'm in love with this chef.. Ming Tsai. Gosh damn he's such a great chef.
- Dx I want to roleplay as Roy.. Or Havoc.. somewhere. There's part of me that yearns for it.

Great Websites:
www.court-records.net (For Phoenix Wright Fans or those who want to start up the games/series)
www.deviantart.com (Go check out my DevART, and other people's stuff!)

27th-Feb-2007 01:16 am - Still Alive...
Noodles Edgey
I haven't died yet.. Really. Just.. easily distracted.

My DeviantART, ColonelMustang is still updated frequently. Lots of Phoenix Wright art in there now.. Along with some FMA stuff dropping in every so often. Gotta do that for nostalgia's sake.

Still roleplaying.. Been doing some Phoenix Wright roleplaying over at the www.court-records.net forums. I tend to play Phoenix or Larry Butz, so far. My OC character I made sucks, so I'll stop playing as her. Also, actually roleplaying on a creative group with a couple of friends. Which makes me happy. I'm playing a cleric who is extremely materialistic, he's quite awesome. ..And my roleplay over at my personal RP forum is still alive.. Barely.. but still alive.

Convention in January was good, not as good as usual though. The Roy Mustang costume finally isn't getting me many fangirls. This was depressing. Other than that, things were good.. Got to see Mike McFarland, he's quite funny. [ Voice actor for Lt. Havoc] Got a picture of his autograph that a friend got. xD She wouldn't let me have his autograph..

Loot from convention:
  1. Lt. Havoc tan figurine. Its.. So. Nice. So detailed, so beautiful. About 5 inches tall or so. I love it.
  2. Full set of Lupin the Third figures. They're so awesome.. Had to put them together. <3 Lupin.
  3. Roy Mustang plushie. Dx Stop making plushies of him damnit..
  4. Black Rain a doujinshi manga that is very well drawn. Its for the pairing of HavocxRoy (only good looking one for the pairing that they had.) If anyone knows where I can get a translation of this manga, I'd love it.
Also, around Christmas I got the first Lupin the Third movie boxset. <33 Awesome series.

Recommended anime series for being deep and thought provoking:
  1. Mushishi
  2. Haibane Renmei
These are both on Youtube, please go watch. They're excellent.

College is great. I love being a Video Game Programming and Design major. I've done so much fun stuff with it already.. I'll talk more about that later.

Right now, its time to sleep. Goodnight world.~

Flaming the defense,
~Wreaking of Smoke
4th-Dec-2006 10:31 pm - S-L-A-C-K-E-R
Dear Mom &amp; Dad..
And bingo was his name-o! ..Erm.. Right. Something like that.

Hello my adorable journal! I've been quite busy with everything BUT updating you. My poor poor journal..

Here's a quick-list of what I've been up to:

  1. College
  2. Roleplaying

  3. Drawing

    • No new posts on Deviant Art yet.. I have yet to make something more than just meaningless doodles..

  4. Researching Cosplay Costumes

    • Phoenix Wright
    • Miles Edgeworth - Probably going to go with Edgey

  5. Gaming

    • PHOENIX WRIGHT ACE ATTORNEY!! zomg I love this game. Finally beat it. You know I'll be ranting about this later.
    • Chibi Robo - Rule number 1: Justice does not exist without the pose!
    • Daydreaming about owning a Wii

  6. Friends

Expect a full rant at some point.. I'd like to embelish the roleplaying section and of course the rant on Phoenix Wright..

Ow! I'm on fie-ah! *snap*
~Wreaking Of Smoke
27th-Sep-2006 09:49 pm - Drawin' Drawin' Drawin'
Too Busy Being Cute
Well.. Probably should say this.. But yet again, ColonelMustang, my DevART has two new pictures added to the list. A Phoenix/Edgeworth fanart as well as a cracked out picture of Havoc and Roy.. ...You really have to just go to the site and check it out. Too hard to explain otherwise.

Sadly though, Open Canvas' free trial has just run out.. So it means saving pictures is a bit more of a hassle now. Which is a shame, but oh well.. I'll have to manage until someone I get the pay version. Perhaps I'll get it for my birthday or something.

But that won't stop me.. I still have plenty of stuff to do in the artsy world:
-An art trade
-Write a mini!Havoc fanfic (stfu, so what if I wouldn't need a drawing program for this?)
-draw a new DevART ID

Anyway.. Go check it out. *thumbs up* I <3 comments on my art.

;_; Oil paints burn.. ..good thing my oils are all digital,
~Wreaking Of Smoke
20th-Sep-2006 08:49 pm - This Is So Me
I Love You Edgey/Phoenix
Alright.. Most of you won't understand why I'm posting this comic. But.. I'll explain a little.

This is a comic strip from my favorite online series, PVP, which is about video games, movies, life.. etc. A great series indeed.

Anyways, the character with the sunglasses, Brent.. Is alot like me. A sarcastic artsy Mac-lovin' bastard who is never seen without sunglasses. Much like.. Me. All I must say is.. I own 18 pairs of sunglasses. I believe that's all that must be said.. In other words, the following strip is so me.

..God I love Brent.

Wreaking Of Smoke

Edit: Zomg.. PVP is doing a storyline about sunglasses. I <3 this series man.. Always have, always will.

Also.. Art world I'm rather busy now.. I've got a doodle of Edgeworth/Phoenix to finish, an art trade, and a fanfic to write.. Not to mention the other drawings I've got cooking in my head. Insanity man. Insanity.
17th-Sep-2006 11:07 pm - WOOOOOP!!
Noodles Edgey
<3 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

stfu I am not becoming a fan for Edgeworth/Phoenix and Edgeworth/Gumshoe!!

Just got the game Friday.. I'm on the last case, Rising From The Ashes, today.. And I'm stuck on the first witness. This.. Is trouble.

ColonelMustang has a Kitty!Roy and Puppy!Havoc doodle.. And soon will be housing some Phoenix Wright fanart of course. >D Beware of the insanity that will come up.

Hopefully I will post a cracked out Objection session I had with a friend soon.. Its.. rather long.

~Wreaking Of Smoke
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